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Ahlan wa-Sahlan,   أهـلاً وسـهلاً ً


This is an invitation to learn about the Peace-cook Jalil Schwarz and his project in Israel.

I come from the Arab city Ramle near Jaffa, which belongs to the state Israel since 1948, and I come from a Christian - Palestinian family. Since the end of 1954 I live in Germany, predominantly in Cologne, and I have German citizenship. From the numerous visits in my hometown I had to learn, that the gap between the Arab and the Jewish population has become larger.

My wish is, that the life of the different populations in Ramle and throughout Israel can develop free from sorrow, fear, hate and humiliation. Therefore I decided to build an inter-religious kindergarten. From an early age, the children in this kindergarten can grow up together in peace and learn to tolerate and accept each other. For twenty years I have been working as a cook for no salary in order to achieve this goal. At festive events, like birthdays, weddings and municipal celebrations, I prepare meals for 50-1000 persons. The recipes originate from the land of the Bible. Due to these activities I have become known as the Peace-cook.

In the year 2003 the registered association "ABRAHAMSZELT e.V." (Abraham's tent) has been founded. It also supports the project to build the inter-religious kindergarten. For my work in the field of international understanding since 1974 in Germany, Palestine and Israel I received the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Cordially yours,

Jalil Schwarz


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