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Grammar school for Ramle

There is a small anecdote about the building of this school: as far back as 1985 I noticed that the level of education was far lower in Arab schools than in Jewish ones. I  once put this arithmetic problem to a girl in 5th grade:
"What  is 6x7?" "We haven't learnt that yet," she said. "But surely you can add  up?"
"Yes, I can." "So, what's 12 plus 13?" "Hmm.....27?" This made me wonder

When the community centre was completed in 1991, I had to think about the little girl again and her problems with the addition.


In order to get young people to stay in the country and act as „living stones“ and contribute to the welfare of society they must be offered better prospects for their future, also implying much improved school education. This view was also shared by the municipal council and with my financial support it was decided to add two further floors to the centre and start a grammar school.

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I made it possible that the grammar school was equipped with DM 90.000 (about US $ 45.000) worth of 10 complete practice sets for the Physics, Biology and Chemistry lessons. I also managed to obtain used chairs and pieces of sports equipment.

Generous donations (one anonymous one amounted to DM 40.000, about US $ 20.000), alms, initiatives by the Christians in Ramle, plus proceeds from my cooking events made the completion of the school in 1994 possible. One week later, the Reverend Manfred Kock, then chairman of the Evangelical Church in Germany, honoured the school with his visit.

At the time the grammar school was attended by 230 Christian and 130 Muslim students in the 5th to 12th grades. The level is very high and the school has a very good reputation throughout the whole region.